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  Our Team

Dave Coulter - Managing Director

As the owner/operator of QT Electric, Dave oversees all projects ranging from small scale renovations to up-market housing, retail shop, bar and restaurant fit outs.


Dave is a high performing, skilled professional who has been in the industry in Queenstown since 1999, so you can count on him to provide you with sound advice and innovative solutions relative to Queenstown's sometimes harsh but unique environment.

Contact Dave on 0278 488 884 to arrange a free no obligation consultation.


Shaun Travers - NZ Qualified Electrician

Shaun started with us in early 2018 and has just been an awesome addition to the team. The saying 'work hard, play hard' pretty much sums him up. He has an incredible work ethic and would go that extra mile, which is a rare quality in some of the young ones these days! In his spare time he is the type of dude that would climb a snow covered mountain, build a snow cave and spend the night there... for fun... (??)

We are extremely proud to have Shaun on our team, he will do great things.

Kat Coulter - Office Manager
Kat manages all bookings, our job management software and all aspects of finance/administration. Yawn.
Kurt Dale - NZ Qualified Electrician
Kurt joined the crew in June 2019 and completed his final assessments with us to become qualified. He is absolutely conquering the challenge of transitioning from apprentice to sole responsibility and the managing of his own work sites. Kurt enjoys tinkering with engines, so he usually gets lumped with the worst van to make it go better :) 
Aaron Garnett - NZ Electrical Apprentice
Aaron has a golfing handicap of +4.....
Which literally sums this guys up, he kicks arse at everything he does and his adult electrical apprenticeship WILL be no different. Never have we had our tradesman fighting over the apprentice, that's how good he is. Aaron is a fine example of common sense, gusto and head down arse up attitude. He'll be gunning for the top job before we know it... watch out Dave!
Ryan Hunt - NZ Qualified Electrician
From the mighty NAKI we bring you Ryan. Having relocated with his young family, Ryan chose Queenstown and Queenstown Electric to start a new life journey for his partner and 2 year old son. Ryan has been a national level downhill mountain biker and also loves snowboarding and seeing as Queenstown can provide both these activities, we should be able to keep him all year round! Our clients will enjoy his calm presence and great sparky skills with a few years experience notched up already.
Jorden Ashby - NZ Qualified Electrician

Jorden joined us in April 2021, after spending a year exploring Canada. Originally from the Lower South Island, Jorden is extremely polite and works to a very high standard. He is very thorough with his work and offers exceptional customer service. Jorden has taken on the role as our main man for the Service and Maintenance Department.
Torbyn Eady - NZ Electrical Apprentice

Torbyn joined the crew in January 2022 to finish his final year of his apprenticeship, the youngest of our wolf pack, a keen snowboarder and enjoys all there is Queenstown has to offer, we are usually living vicariously through him as he shares his weekend antics... oh to be young again! Torbyn, will qualify this year and is coming along nicely in terms of skills and progression.  
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